Whats App Business Guide

Whats App Business Guide

Since 2009, the Whats App messenger has reached millions of download because of its easy, user-friendly facilities. But it does not stops here, growing trend of the social media and many application based marketing a business has proven to be very beneficial for local business owners and thus, to engage the businesses to their respective customers more efficiently, Whats app has launched its Whats App Business Application to smoothen the communication between a business person and a consumer.

What is it?
A business application powered by the WhatsApp that facilitate the accurate communication, transparency between the consumer and business owners which eventually helps to expand their business more precisely.

Who should use it?
The WhatsApp Business application offered by the Whats app is going to be the absolute for the Business use only.

Social Media mogul Facebook, who acquired Whats App back in 2014, has developed this version of Whats App business Application to facilitate small business owner to have clear-cut interaction with customers within whats app environment.

The application UI and workflow integration is extremely user-friendly still appealing that contains the every features of current version of WhatsApp along with the additional features concerning business profile.

For the better recognition, consumers should add the respective business owner Phone/landline number in their Whats app messenger to interact with them resourcefully.

Easy Installation guide

  1. Download WhatsApp Business app from below link in android app Store. Currently, this is just available in Android OS only. Alternatively, you can have it from Google Play Store as well.  Download WhatsApp Business App
  2. Once you download the app and install it in your android device – you will see almost same WhatsApp like App icon in your device. Except it will have B mark on it. Tap to start the app. Check below screen for ref.

  3. In the very beginning of the WhatsApp Business App – it will ask you with below screen of Terms & Condition, Press Agree and hit the Green button to proceed further and set up your WhatsApp Business Account. It also gives you an option such – if you are not Business then you can click the other text below the button. WhatsApp Business application is firmly made for the Business Owners only.

  4. In the next 2 screens – Whats App Business App will ask you for the media, photo and other permissions, allow it and continue.

  5. In the next screen you have to define your number that you want to associate with your WhatsApp Business. If you add the number that you are already using in your WhatsApp then it will prompt you with message that it is already in use with WhatsApp. If you proceed with same number as your WhatsApp number then all your WhatsApp chats and data will move to WhatsApp Business app and you will no longer be able to use it in WhatsApp Again. Be Careful here. You can use other mobile number too, in case you have Dual sim phone and have 2 sim cards in it use the unregistered one. Alternatively, you can also use your office Landline number to associate withWhatsApp Business. For Landline number – add your landline number with your STD code without “0” eg. +91 79 00000000 (in this 79 is the std code of Ahmedabad city). In event of mobile number, WhatsApp will send sms and will automatically detect it. Moreover, for landline number, choose call me option. Tap on that and you will get the call from WhatsApp Business, Receive the call and listen the code in phone and add in the screen and move further. Check below screens for the Ref.

  6. In this demo we have used our official mobile number to convert it on WhatsApp Business. Now it will look for back up chats and data from the Whats App. Check below screen for ref. and complete the process.

    If you have opted for new number or landline number then you will directly shown next screen.

  7. This screen will guide you to set up your WhatsApp Business Profile Name. Be careful with all typos. In the name you select – as WhatsApp Business asks, you will not be able to change this later. Pay attention while choosing name. Check below screen for ref. – In this screen we have taken our official website name as its registered name – TripControl.net

  8. In the next screen you will be presented with chat screen similar like What’s App regular app. Nothing much different here. Since we have opted for converting our What’s App number to WhatsApp Business Number it brings us all our chat and data ready to communicate. Let us move forward, for more fun, and explore more about WhatsApp Business application.

  9. From the top right corner, tap on 3 dots menu and then press settings. You will see the settings screen. Click on the first Business Settings section and have an insight of the business settings. It is specially designed for WhatsApp Business App. Check below screen for ref. Also, do not forget to mark that your chosen Business name is appearing on the top as well.

  10. You will be presented with below screen – Tap on Profile to go inside set up profile. Add your business logo image on top – WhatsApp Business is using square size dimension like WhatsApp profile image so upload square image with your logo in center so that it look nice in the Display Picture (DP) in your customer chats.

  11. After setting up a profile picture, you can add your business details such as Your Address, your business category, your business working hours, your email and your website. You can even mark your address in the map. Check below screen for the ref.

  12. From the profile page you can even put in your personalized greeting and away messages. WhatsApp Business App will automatically send all customized greeting messages to your customers when they primarily send you any message. Also in case of Away it will automatically sends Away message as well. Check below screens for ref.

  13. After this comes the most exciting part, quick Reply. This actually saves lot of time for all the businesses. Moreover, it can be vital for Travel Agents and Tour Operators too. As they can add many common quick replies in the app and use them frequently and quickly. We have also suggested some common reply notes below. We recommend, you should add it in your quick reply section.

    Some suggested quick Replies to put into your WhatsApp Business application.
    /Update – We are constantly working on your issue and soon will get back to you.

    /Ticket – Your tickets are booked / in process / reserved. We will update you via email with the same.

    /Hotel – We have figured some of the amazing hotel options for your holidays. You will get them soon in your email.

    /Holiday Plan – We have worked out your customized travel / holiday plan for your next trip. You will get them in your email soon.

    /Itinerary Update – Hi There! Have you checked the travel plan / Holiday plan we have sent to you before few days? Any feedback on it?

    /Hotel Voucher – We will soon send you your hotel vouchers for your travel plan via email.

    /Feedback – We are delighted to serve you on your recent holidays – We hope they were amazing. It will be helpful for us if you share some of the nice photos from your holidays and your valuable feedback for our services.

  14. Apart from this, there is one more option like statistics where you can see your message counts.That’s it folks. You can use your WhatsApp Business app now. Hope this quick set up guide has been helpful. Additionally, as it is just a beginning of the application, we can’t argue as it lacks some of the useful features that would enhance the visibility of business and provide more effective communication between a customer and a business owner. Here we feel Whats app will add,
    • API Integration to directly push variable content to customers
    • More Business related options for the picture and video ads
    • Location updates and push
    • Business URL like FB and Twitter
    • Facebook and What’s App Business Integration for ads and other content
    • And many more…

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