Reliving the Best Memories of 2018

Reliving the Best Memories of 2018

Year 2018 has been productive in every way. TripControl has touched the new height through delivering some of the exciting features, tips, services and have geared up for brand new year too. Being a travel agent is not a cakewalk at all.  Right from creating the itineraries to managing a good relation with the travelers after sale is the most tough and rigid task.  Evaluating 2018s stats, we have made the brilliant memories all together and it would be irrelevant if we do not recall all the little, some big and happy moments of the yester year and rejuvenate all over again. Step into the ride and let us see what we have all done together.

Thousands of itineraries were created!

Yes, you would be surprised how the travel agents have loved the Trip control’s Travel Software as they have created more than 16000 professional itineraries successfully. That is Jaw dropping! Those certainly have made them to plan their traveler’s trips effectively and eventually made their customers’ holidays a joyful time.  Over all in 2018, 209% more itineraries were prepared with the use of our Travel CRM and the destinations such as Dubai, Thailand, Kerala & Uttarakhand remains the favorite among tourists. And we found that we have users who have alone created 500+ itineraries,we could not be more happier than seeing 16k mark and it would be more thrilling for us as this number grows more and more. After all your success is the only key to our happiness.

Plenty of the user registration

More and more travel agents are engaging with the and have been amazed by the features and quality of services that this travel agent software offers.With this growing engagements we achieved remarkable 123% higher travel agency registration during this year. This is overwhelming! Moreover, on 2nd Jan-2018 and 23rd Sep-2018 we have got maximum travel agent registering to our online travel agent CRM.

New Features that we released!

It is only because of our ever-evolving approach and constantly reinventing our selves have gained the trust of tour operators and travel agency to use our travel agent software. During 2018 we released many big and small features that lessen the burden of the travel agency task and drawn their tour sales graph upward. Some of them are as below

  • Travel Cards
  • Hotel Vouchers
  • CRM work flow
  • Lead History
  • Auto suggestions of Itineraries
  • Profoma invoices

Along with this we introduced FREE PLAN of our online Travel Agent CRM for the community and starting up Tour Operators – to help them get organized from their initial time. And it was very well received.


What Comes Next?

Year 2019 is just started and we have marked our position to achieve the desired goal before the finish line. Many more of the Travel CRM’s new features are going to be introduced and we could not keep calm! Some of them are..

  • Signature design
  • Interesting reports
  • More and more travel cards
  • Destination sales presentations
  • Festive greeting cards
  • Travelers Feedback from

God! So much to do in 2019. Hope you all enjoyed the thrilling ride with us of the 2018 and we are sure that our coordination, hard work, and transparent communication make our journey of 2019 more blissful and exciting. Bring it on the 2019! We are ready and pumped up for the incredible year that just have started. May our companionship evolve and achieve the humongous profit together.  We wish you all a very happy and prosperous year ahead and Thank you for being with us in thick and thin.

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