Introducing – Travelers Feedback Form Feature

Introducing – Travelers Feedback Form Feature

Every Travel Agent, Small or Big, do immense hard work to leave no slack in pursuit of pleasing his traveler, looking after their every demand so they might get loyal to his company and choose him every time for their holidays.

However, are we sure that our travelers has liked the holidays offered by us and their vacation was beyond their expectations?

No matter how exemplary services you offer, if you fail to figure out what your customers are thinking about your business and services offered by you than all your efforts means nothing. Especially in the travel business where touring experience of travelers will evaluate the travel agency’ future.

We all make mistake. Period.  But, not taking the accountability of the thoughts of your travelers will puts a break on the overall future progress, as you or your team would repeat the mistake again and again. Eventually losing their faith and the customers’ next holiday business.

Having said that, travel agent work immensely hard to offer the tremendous services to the travelers on tour and that certainly consume all their time and leave no extra moment behind to bring the traveler’s feedback on table and rectify the errors they made during the tour planning and later executing the same and improve their services and have the reliable consumer base.

Thus, we at TripControlTravel Agent CRM, has introduced easy to use Customer Feedback Form feature to take the necessary feedback/suggestions of tourists and make the busy life of the tour operator easy. A feedback form with exceedingly easy setup that could be accomplished in a blink of an eye and will generate the automatic feedback request and emails to your traveler folks instantly.  Below are the key aspects covered in our newly introduced traveler feedback form feature.


One Time Set Up

It has the much easier set up process and the tour operator does not have to set it up every time they want to take the feedback from customer.  Set up one common feedback form and you are done. Now every travel lead that you complete – your customer will automatically get Feedback Form Email and you will get the right customer insight to grow your travel business further.


Unlimited Questions Options

There is no limit – you can send feedback request email just for couple of questions or may be 10 or 20. Just select or add your own questions and hit the send button.


Individual Feedback Options

You can create single feedback form for all the customers or you can create unique feedback form with customized questions for 1 particular lead or customer in case you wish to get more precise input/feedback from one specific customer. All covered 😊


Overall Rating

Customer can rate your services from 1 to 5 (Worst to Best) depending upon the question you asked and services offered. You can see both each question wise customer feedback or you can see over all auto calculated rating average of all the questions feedback.


Customized Questions Options

As mentioned earlier – you have all the freedom – you can select ready to use questions from our library or you can create your own each question. Everything in your hand.


Feedback form affects your progress report directly and it should not be gone optional.  The feedback form feature introduced by us comprises the every possible need of travel agent that help them gain customer view point for the travel services offered. And you know what? It’s completely FREE!! Improve your customer relation and of course the staff performance with our extremely useful ready to use traveler feedback form. Go get the set up done and know where you are making the mistake or celebrate the achievement by getting all good or bad customer opinions while delivering your best of the touring services!

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