Digital Marketing Tools for Travel Agents

Digital Marketing Tools for Travel Agents

Digital Marketing and Travel Industry

“It’s not the best content that wins, but the best promoted content”

Certainly, the Andy Crestodina knows the power of excellently promoted content. The globalization of the Digital Marketing has the vast impact on the Travel & Tourism Business. In very business sales and marketing draws, the line between success and failure and no travel agent would afford to avoid the digital marketing. With little but the consistent efforts over new age integrated digital marketing tools (platforms) brings tremendous awareness for the brand or local travel business.

Below are some of the awesome and high trafficking digital marketing platforms which can yield amazing results.


Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing

The very first and integral part of the search engine optimization or SEO gives organic traffic to your website. They are specific and much targeted users who are actually looking type of holidays or tours and if your website rank first pages of the google they you have them dropping by your website and eventually giving you lead to work on. To rank first on google or other search engines organically will require lot of time, optimized and SEO friendly website, huge amount or original content and off page SEO activity.

And the 2nd and vital part of the title Search Engine Marketing – SEM means running paid advertisement or PPC on Google or any other search engines. They are many models for running ads on google – like Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per 1000 impressions (PPM), Search Text Ads, Mobile Ads, Ads in Search engine network sites and graphic or video ads. This gives immediate results but comes with price tag. However, if search engine ads are run with long tail specific keywords like – “Andaman Tours in April 2019” or “Long Holidays Tours in Europe” then it can fetch very specific traffic with more keen purchase interest.



You will find plenty of blog post concerning destinations and best leisure spots by travelers. However Blog from Travel Agents with much original content & specific location information has its own importance and value. The key elements you would find in good travel agents’ blogs would be absent in traveler’s blog. So does the significance of the content does matter in Google criterias as well. Hence, it is always a good idea to write regular blog posts and keep your targeted audience updated.


Social Media Marketing

The social media has covered the vast majority of the world. Primarily developed for the fun but this platforms have now been used by the business promotion hugely on the internet. Every single brand not just mark its presence but even use it for the customer support and sales. It provides the significant insights to your audience. There are numerous of the social media tools, however, here are some of the prominent social media platforms where you must be present and keep your profile and company page updated.

  1. Facebook – With almost 1.4 billion active user accounts, Facebook has the largest audience as compare to the any other social media network. It has the potential to boomed up your social media and expand your business drastically. Maintain the regular posts on Facebook and focus on delivering the useful and effective content and see your page like increasing!
  1. Twitter – the ultimate micro blogging platform, which publishes the content different way than Facebook as it, has only 140 character limits. However, short travel promotional content with the useful elements could be delivered effectively here too.
  1. Instagram – After the Facebook, the Instagram has the most number of people registered. The travel photographs of your recent tours, newsletters and ongoing tour updates with the relevant hashtags would catch the attention of the people around the globe ultimately giving you the wider audience and prospective customer leads.
  1. YouTube – The world’s major video sharing website where the visually gorgeous content would give the millions of view, ultimately give your tour videos more views. YouTube and other video platforms gives life to still pictures and static information which remains longer time on the viewers brain. The high quality video that portray your destinations and virtual tours of your venues can be effective too. Additionally you can fetch the YouTube videos on your website and share it on other social media accounts as well.


Email Marketing

Newsletters and bulk email has been used from old age and yet the most efficient and highest ROI driven digital marketing activity. Every established travel agent maintain his genuine authenticated contact email id list and use them for periodic updates, deals or new tours they are operating via attractive newsletters. The perfect execution of this sort of marketing would generate the highest of the return of investment than any other form of social media marketing. A well-made newsletter works all the time.

Not stepping into the online marketing would leave the travel agent from wider audience and many prospects. Building community, their engagement and interaction will only happen when the perfect travel content would be delivered with the utmost precision and in timely manner. Making the rigid structure for your marketing strategy and its immaculate execution becomes the obligatory in favor to reach the targeted audience and get the sales graph going upward. On the other hand leaving a slack on the very platform would give the chance your competitors to cross the line before you do.

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