10 Habits of Highly Successful Travel Agents

10 Habits of Highly Successful Travel Agents

The gap between dreaming of success and actually achieving is sky high. Because of the cutthroat competitive world, it requires lots of dedication, skilled management and countless hours of working to achieve the aimed target but many businesses fails to overcome such enormous obstacles unlikely. Especially in travel business where customer satisfaction requires the well planned approach. Some of the exemplary path breakers travel agents developed key habits that made them able to cross winning the line and get the trophy they dreamed of. Below are the significant habits that potentially build the fate of the successful Tour Operator.


1. Mastering Few Destinations

“Jack of all or master of one?” you will not believe the successful tour operator likely to be focusing on the few destinations only. However, they gather all required information about those few selected destinations. They every possible research and study about it and become master of those travel sectors and leave no margin for failing down. Every possible information acquisition along with keeping up-to-date with the very few travel sectors helps them to accomplish every task with precision.


2. They Work with Net Rates Instead Commission

Travel agents who principally choosing the net rates and marks them up raises their percentage of becoming the successful than travel agents who rely on the commissions. How? Well, balancing the pricing flexibility is better than collecting the commission from here or there. As the availability of the excessive travel information online, it would be good if you give the competitive rates to your tourists too. This approach also provides the full control over to your hand together with not exposing your sales price with suppliers. Adopt this approach and you will see the difference by yourself.


3. Use Technology & Travel Agent Software

Offering the very competitive prices plus flawless services together is the only challenge that makes the difference between success and failure for Travel Agents. A hurdle that every travel agent wants to overcome. Well planned process and system that responds to the exact need of your travel business become the obligatory and turns out the weaponry while overcoming this huge challenge. Travel Agent Software such as Tripcontrol.net give the Tour Operator total control over the daily operation along with reducing the human resources and operational cost. It makes easier for travel agent to manage relation with customer, create and manage various travel plans, amazing itineraries, record revisions, client preferences, team and sales executive performances and many other features that certainly draws the line between success and failure of the business.


4. Don’t Sell Deals. Sell Experience.

Every tourists comes to your door with the high expectations of mid blowing travel experience that will make them disappear for a while from their hectic life. Understanding the psychology of the customer and presenting them their dream tour experience right from the first sales pitch will make customer almost say yes for the deal. Ultimately it would makes your sale easy when you emphasis on possible travel experience rather a deal.


5. Proactive Marketing and Sales Activity

One of the prominent habits that you should be weighing on is marketing. The highly successful travel agents never misses the trade fairs, keeps their website, social media and the every online business presence up to date. Apart from that they remaining in close contact with present and previous customers which makes it vital to take out the repeated business. Greeting them with exciting digital postcards and beautiful messages on every occasion will help you to gain their faith in your business even more.


6. Invest in Simple, Clean & Updated Website

Every business requires small or big investment. So does the travel business. Moreover, investing in website specially has become the absolute necessary. And here are many easy to use online tools that will help you create your website on almost a scrap budget. No new tourist would meet you in person without visiting your website first. And creating the effective business website becomes more important as well to understand your tour offerings in more simple, solid and seamless way. It is also essential to spare time and keep your website updated with your latest tour packages and offers.


7. Committed Towards Delivering The Promised Services

When the every word you exchange with your traveler during the sales meeting, meets the exacts requisites on tour greater the chances of achieving the desired success and more referrals. It reflects your faithfulness and shows how much you give importance to their hard-earned money that they are investing on your tour and first on your words. It will increase your chances of their future tours eventually a repeated business plus enlarging your customer circle as no customer ever hesitate to spread their travel experience to their dear ones.


8. Tie Up with Few Local Providers

Loyalty is the core of any business. There should be certain surety while making an association with the local vendors. Shopping with the every new vendor would expose your business extensively. Years of Alliance with the same vendor would better the understanding in between ultimately increasing the credit and authority over the negotiation. It also helps them to fetch the better pricing, leading them to earn more and pass the same value to customer too. Help them helps you.


9. Remain Connected with The Travelers During The Trip

The well-reputed travel agent primly accent on being connected with their travelers during the trip. The habit of taking care of their tourists and always asking them about their requisites and fulfilling it made them the first choice among the others. Sometime giving them beyond discussed services would be a cherry on a cake. They play their role efficiently from the moment their tourists enters the plane until the day they arrive back home. Ultimately, giving them the remarkable holiday experience.


10. Actively Seek Post Trip Feedback

The constant improvement is must in travel business. The highly successful travel firm never fails to take the feedback from their travelers. There will be praise and so does the learning. Working on where you lack previously would make your plan flawless. That helps while delivering the written plan efficiently on tour. Having said that, The feedback taking process from the every traveler is beyond possibilities. That is where the effective Travel CRM like Tripcontrol.net fills that void with its technologically sound automated feedback system. It helps them easily takes post trip inputs from tourists and canvas to improve their services.


Tackling the established Travel Agents who have the strong control over the online fraternity would be as tough as making the dent in universe. The exciting offers and deals that they offer leaves almost the fraction of the place for any travel agent. The Local travel agent has to work hard, efficiently and use the technologically perfect tools that make their task easy, and consumes their workload and so does the chaotic process that every travel agent goes through while making a single sale. It is enormously tough. However, with the correct daily routine, strong approach, dedication and smart work, a local travel agent can top the fraternity. Be step ahead. Make these habits your lifestyle.

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