10 Ways to Make Tourists Feel Welcome

10 Ways to Make Tourists Feel Welcome

When it comes to sales nothing but relationship matters, and you won’t be able to build relation with your customers if they don’t feel that you care for them. If tourists feel that they are welcomed and their interests are taken care of, they will be more than happy to deal with you.

For tours and travel business, it is even more important to make the guest feel welcome. After all, tourism is a hospitality business.

Here are most important 10 rules from industry experts that any travel agent must pay attention to.

  1. Hospitable culture: Create a hospitable culture in your office. Your sitting area, your staffs’ behavior, your communication; everything should be professional. Your office should be neat and clean and well organized. The guest walking into your office should feel good coming into your office. When a person is in vacationing mood, he or she wants to be comfortable and happy. Take care. Nothing should disappoint him. You should treat your guests like VIPs.  Remember the old adage – first impression is the last impression.
  1. Keep well-groomed staff: Ensure that all your staffs are well groomed all the time. A professional ambiance and groomed staff will impress the guests greatly. Your staff should be well dressed. Try to get them your own uniform if you can afford them. Even custom-made t-shirt or nameplate on the shirt is in vogue today.
  1. Greet loud and clear: Greet your visitors in audible tone and friendly voice. Don’t only shake head or gesticulate. Say Good morning / Good afternoon / Namaskar as appropriate. Stand up and greet. Your guests will feel the warmth of your behaviour.
  1. Offer Beverages to the Customers: Once the guest is seated, enquire for water/ tea or coffee whatever is available with you. If you have such arrangements, keep them in good condition. Don’t offer drinks that are not good. It will create bad impression.
  1. Enquire about their plan: Ask your guest what he or she wants. Listen to your guest patiently whatever they are saying, don’t ask questions in between. Let him complete, and then ask. Once he or she concludes, repeat what you have understood. Then, you explain or discuss in slow and sweet manner.
  1. Train your staff: Educate your staff regularly – how to greet your guests, how to behave, what to ask, how to care for the guests. A little training will go a long way. Once a person will deal with you, he or she will remain your customer for a long time. Your relationship with him will bring more customers to you. Talk to your guests smiling – either in person or on phone.
  1. Keep communicating: Once you have given a guest welcome greeting, keep communicating with them. Talk about his plan, needs, desires and constraints especially the budget. Offer him the best solution that you can afford. If he is convinced with your offer, he or she will take more from you. Your communication will be more satisfying to him.
  1. Be professional: When talking to the guest, be professional. Don’t ask personal questions. Your guest might take it as an invasion of privacy which will make him uncomfortable. Discuss about their plans, needs, and desires. Show them what you have for their comforts.
  1. Say Thank you: Once the meeting is done and the guest is about to leave. Don’t forget to say Thank you for their time and personal visit. Request him to visit again.
  1. On tour welcome points
    The customer service is not restricted to office only. Once the tourist has approached your office, you are required to be with him throughout the booking, to stay to return. Even going further will help you more than one ways. After returning, you should approach him to take his feedback. It will help you maintain goodwill. And during your feedback call – there lies an opportunity for you to ask new references and leads.

Once, all these pointers are in place and used daily by employees who deal with tourists, the results will speak for themselves. We all want to feel welcome and once your clients feel your warm hospitality and meet the friendly staff, they are likely to return and also spread the word to their friends and family. Keep these in mind and watch your business grow!!

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